Principle of plasma air sterilization

Plasma is a new type of purification technology. It forms an asymmetric plasma electric field through high-voltage and high-frequency pulse discharge, causing a large number of plasmas in the air to collide with each other step by step to produce an electrochemical reaction, which is harmful to toxic and harmful gases and living viruses and bacteria. etc. can be rapidly degraded, thereby effectively killing viruses, sterilizing, removing odors, eliminating smoke, and removing dust, and no toxic or harmful substances are produced.

plasma contains

On the one hand, charged bacteria are easily attracted to the positive electrode of the plasma generator, and positive ions accumulate in large numbers on the bacterial cell membrane. As the concentration of positive ions increases, the potential difference on the cell membrane gradually increases. When the potential difference reaches a certain value, A breakdown of the cell membrane will occur, destroying the electrolytes in the cell and extinguishing the bacteria.

How plasma works

On the other hand, the negative electrode of the plasma generator generates negative ions with twice the number of positive ions. The negative ions neutralize the positive ions and instantly release high energy to destroy the bacterial structure. Part of the negative ions are captured by oxygen to generate negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions have strong oxidizing properties and can oxidize the nucleic acid and protein structures in bacteria. Negative oxygen ions can also react with odor molecules such as formaldehyde to produce harmless and odorless components such as water. At the same time, negative ions are vitamins in the air, which can freshen the air and improve human immunity.
The principle of plasma is that high-energy electrons achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection by colliding with molecules in the air. The principle of negative ions is that the positive and negative charges of ions and dust in the air combine to make the dust larger, and then fall to the ground to achieve the purpose of air purification.
Simply put, plasma air purification technology applies knowledge from physics, chemistry, biology, environmental engineering and other aspects to successfully realize Einstein’s ionization theory and quickly and significantly improve air quality by simulating nature’s air self-purification ability. It improves air quality and enables people to enjoy forest-like air in the hospital environment.

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